Sunday, 5 February 2012

All Things Vintage

 Sorry about the slightly blurred photo. But i have recently been to a vintage jewelry fair and wanted to share this with you, its just a gold pendant necklace with 'diamonds'. This necklace is exactly what I have been looking for these past few weeks to go with a lace dress i have recently purchased. But unfortunately no high street stores that i have seen seem to sell anything like this. So when i saw this i grabbed it as quick as i could for it is a one off piece and i couldn't miss my chance to buy it. I think i bought it for around £15 which i consider a great price for something i can wear time and time again and style it in many different ways. I also think that its a great price as this is a similar price you would pay in certain high street stores for a necklace, and for something as timeless and versatile as this i was willing to pay that price.

I also bought a broach from the vintage fair. It obviously is a plastic 'pearl' in the center but none the less this piece is beautiful the blue stones around the edge really set it off and contrast with the gold. I have recently paired this with my knitted jumper that is an array of different colors so it goes well. I have also paired this with my denim jacket. I think i payed around £5 for this which is not a bad price even if i wear this only a few times. 

 My grandma gave me this the other day. Knowing i love all things vintage she dug around in her attic and found me this from the early 60's, its a book consisting of film stars of the time which  think really is mainly 50's movie stars, although it does not have an exact date. I believe from the actors and actresses features in it its from that era for example: Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe (in which it says 'Now she has formed her own production company maybe Marilyn will essay some "tough" roles' implying she is still alive and I know Marilyn died in 62 so I think this book must be from the late 50's), a very dapper looking Gregory Peck, Lucille Ball and much more. This book makes for a interesting read. I am really grateful to my  Grandma for finding it. Below are just some pages taken from the book.