Thursday, 2 August 2012


*what’s a post without a picture of you at the Hogwarts gates*

So if you haven't guessed from the title I'm back!! I have recently disappeared off the face of the Earth, I've had exams and stuff going on that’s stopped me from blogging and to top it all off my computer died! YAY! So after about 3 months of practically living in the stone age I have found a working computer, YAY! (That time the way was non-sarcastic).

So I'd thought I would give you a bit of a life update:

1. it’s the summer holidays now. Thank god, so I actually have free time that isn't filled with revision. I've just finished in year 10 so I'll be going into my last year of high school soon. I was thinking of doing some schooly kind of posts that might be helpful for people still in high school. I'll defiantly keep you posted on the school front!

2. My Mum is moving house, so I going to be doing some bedroomy kind of posts like how I'm decorating my room and things along those lines!

3. I'm thinking of doing some TV shows and movie reviews but I'm still deciding on that so if it’s something you’re interested or not interested in then let me know.

4. I'm going on holiday soon so I'm defiantly going to be doing some holiday posts!

5. Finally it’s my birthday soon!!!!!!!! (WOW, there are a lot of exclamation points in this post!) I was thinking of doing a what I got for my birthday post so if you want to see that then let me know.

Your probably bored of my rambling by now, but I just wanted to say there will defiantly be a lot more posts coming and they will be a lot more frequent.

Lots Of Love

Ellie xxx

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick

 I had been wanting to try this lipstick for a while, but just never bought it. I went into boots the other day and noticed that it had been reduced from £4.99 to £3.99 so i though it was a perfect chance to buy it! I got it at Coral In Gold which was a lovely orange colour and as you can see from the more close up shot of it it has a shine to it which is nice, I swatched it and on my hand it looked so nice. When I got home i tried it on my lips and it didn't look at all like what it looked like when i swatched it! which is very unusual (i will put a picture up of it on my lips but due to bad weather and chapped lips i can't put on up at the moment, don't worry its on my to do list!). I can't really explain the colour it looked on my lips, but i just didn't like it! One thing i can say about this product is it smells divine!!! Like candyfloss. me and my family have being trying to pinpoint the smell without any luck (we are not a weird family that spend our time smelling lipsticks) so candyfloss is the closest smell to it i can think of. Anyway after trying this lipstick again i still didn't like it, so i decided to put some clear lipstick over the top and that made it look so much better than it looked before!! It brought out the shine and just smoothed it over my lips much more nicely. Overall the lipstick by itself wasn't a good choice at all, but with a bit of lip gloss it really transforms it into something wearable!

I DO HAVE A OOTD TO PUT UP! IT WILL BE UP SOON! Also i hope the image quality it better i have just got a new camera!!

Monday, 6 February 2012


A quick outfit for today. No many people believe me when i say my shirt is from a charity shop  but it is! all i 
did is sew a bit of lace around t hcollar and tied some ribbon round my neck. My shorts are just from 
topshop and the tights are just adding a bit of 40's glamour tthe whole outfit.

Top- Charity shop
Shorts- Topshop
Tights- River Island
Shoes- Office

Sunday, 5 February 2012

All Things Vintage

 Sorry about the slightly blurred photo. But i have recently been to a vintage jewelry fair and wanted to share this with you, its just a gold pendant necklace with 'diamonds'. This necklace is exactly what I have been looking for these past few weeks to go with a lace dress i have recently purchased. But unfortunately no high street stores that i have seen seem to sell anything like this. So when i saw this i grabbed it as quick as i could for it is a one off piece and i couldn't miss my chance to buy it. I think i bought it for around £15 which i consider a great price for something i can wear time and time again and style it in many different ways. I also think that its a great price as this is a similar price you would pay in certain high street stores for a necklace, and for something as timeless and versatile as this i was willing to pay that price.

I also bought a broach from the vintage fair. It obviously is a plastic 'pearl' in the center but none the less this piece is beautiful the blue stones around the edge really set it off and contrast with the gold. I have recently paired this with my knitted jumper that is an array of different colors so it goes well. I have also paired this with my denim jacket. I think i payed around £5 for this which is not a bad price even if i wear this only a few times. 

 My grandma gave me this the other day. Knowing i love all things vintage she dug around in her attic and found me this from the early 60's, its a book consisting of film stars of the time which  think really is mainly 50's movie stars, although it does not have an exact date. I believe from the actors and actresses features in it its from that era for example: Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe (in which it says 'Now she has formed her own production company maybe Marilyn will essay some "tough" roles' implying she is still alive and I know Marilyn died in 62 so I think this book must be from the late 50's), a very dapper looking Gregory Peck, Lucille Ball and much more. This book makes for a interesting read. I am really grateful to my  Grandma for finding it. Below are just some pages taken from the book.