Thursday, 2 August 2012


*what’s a post without a picture of you at the Hogwarts gates*

So if you haven't guessed from the title I'm back!! I have recently disappeared off the face of the Earth, I've had exams and stuff going on that’s stopped me from blogging and to top it all off my computer died! YAY! So after about 3 months of practically living in the stone age I have found a working computer, YAY! (That time the way was non-sarcastic).

So I'd thought I would give you a bit of a life update:

1. it’s the summer holidays now. Thank god, so I actually have free time that isn't filled with revision. I've just finished in year 10 so I'll be going into my last year of high school soon. I was thinking of doing some schooly kind of posts that might be helpful for people still in high school. I'll defiantly keep you posted on the school front!

2. My Mum is moving house, so I going to be doing some bedroomy kind of posts like how I'm decorating my room and things along those lines!

3. I'm thinking of doing some TV shows and movie reviews but I'm still deciding on that so if it’s something you’re interested or not interested in then let me know.

4. I'm going on holiday soon so I'm defiantly going to be doing some holiday posts!

5. Finally it’s my birthday soon!!!!!!!! (WOW, there are a lot of exclamation points in this post!) I was thinking of doing a what I got for my birthday post so if you want to see that then let me know.

Your probably bored of my rambling by now, but I just wanted to say there will defiantly be a lot more posts coming and they will be a lot more frequent.

Lots Of Love

Ellie xxx

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  1. Welcome back! Sometimes it's nice to have a break from blogging and come back refeshed and inspired to start again x